VHS vs. Communism

Lately, the New York Times has been upping the ante on their storytelling. Be it the interactive features explaining different aspects of winter sports found at the Sochi Olympics or just plain beautifully set longform articles, like this one about refugees on Christmas Island or this astonishing piece on the history of highrises, they have reliably amazed me by the sheer amount of care, film-like quality and attention to detail they have managed to will into their pieces. This one though, dubbed VHS vs. Communism, managed to capture something that my generation remembers from their early childhoods all too well: the excitement of import technology, culture, freedom and, in our minds, carefree lives of plenty. Watch and re-live - or experience for the first time second hand - these moments. 

Here's a direct link to the story above. And here you can find all the interactive NYTimes content of 2013. Click through and dive in, it's worth it.