Roofs of Siena

"No, no, he doesn't live there anymore. He sold his tower and moved away," is what my friend Oliva nonchalantly said during our dinner talk on my recent trip to Tuscany. Only in Italy is being unsatisfied with living in a medieval tower a small-talk staple that exclusively solicits inquiries on market price of said tower and barely a question about the exceptionality of such a living arrangement. She couldn't have known that I was absolutely mesmerized by the slender towers and red roofs of Siena just a few hours earlier. I couldn't help but be brought back to my teenage years when I used to read those mystery novels set in small Italian towns serving as a backdrop for the intrigues of religious orders and exciting secret lives of hidden behind those thick brick walls. Who knows what's hidden under those red roofs nowadays... here's a few postcards from this marvelous city.

This photographic series has been published by OKSiena a local Sienese daily.