Vlado, dancing and hoping for companionship

Gay & Lonely in Eastern Europe


Following the topic close to my heart, exclusion based on sexual or gender identity, I set out to document the lives of people marginalized both by the majority society, as well as by (supposedly) their own communities. This marginalization, based on their gender identity or lack of (genderbender Dominik from Prague), age (Vlado, 56, from Bratislava) or their transsexuality, happens silently and without a big fanfare. Yet, the lives of these people are profoundly affected: Vlado is, after the death of his mother, absolutely alone. Dominik struggles to find a long-term partner who won't leave him after the phase of novelty passes. Danny-Elle dreams of finding a hetersexual man and is determined to never tell of her own gender past because of fear of rejection. These people live in societies where opportunity is still in many ways just a pipe dream.