12 Kilometers To Syria

 The reality of life in Jordan's Zaatari refugee camp is often soul-crushing. The food rations have been shrinking for years now, electricity is scarce if accessible at all, the UN caravans hardly provide shelter from the constant desert storms. However, the mental toll taken by living here is arguably much more severe. Many here have lost hope: accessing the Jordanian society or labor market is a remote possibility at best and holding onto hope of regaining a sense of purpose in their life seems foolish. Desperation has forced these people out of their homeland only to have them return to a war-torn country for the lack of  opportunity.
A series of photographs (above) and a video report for La Repubblica (embedded lower), in collaboration with the Italian journalist Raffaella Cosentino accompanying her article.



Video Reportage

The stories of people leaving Zaatari Refugee Camp (in Italian).


created by Denis Bosnic and Raffaella Cosentino